We all desire long flirtatious lashes. Put your mascara away and try lash extensions today! High quality lashes are applied to your natural lashes one at a time using a specially formulated, semi-permanent glue that will not irritate the eye nor damage your natural lashes. All lash styles are customized to our clients eye shape and preference.

Fab-U-Lash Set- $120
Lash extensions of different lengths are applied all across the eye for a pretty, whispie look.

Baby Girl Lash Set- $125
Lash extensions of the same length are applied all across the eye.

 Dream Girl Set- $130
The longest length of lashes will be applied in the center of the eye for an voluminous effect!

Show Stopper Set- $150
Lash extensions are applied short to long beginning with the shortest near the tear duct and longest at the end of the lash line. This cult favorite is perfect for winged-eye lovers!

Love Affair Set- $200
This volume lash set is designed to enhance your lashes to give a fuller and thicker look. Fall in love with stunning lashes!